Tuesday, 11 July 2017

For those on the transplant list - Be Prepared.

A heads up for those awaiting transplants.  Be prepared!  I say this as generally when we go on holiday somebody gets the call.  I think there has only been one year this did not happen since I was diagnosed.  Have you bags packed and by the door because I will actually be shocked if I do not see somebody has got his or her wish.  

This will certainly be the last time I write a blog for four whole weeks.  George Gaskin don't you dare write a message saying thank goodness!  The internet on our Scottish holiday is generally sporadic to say the least so blogs are very much out of the question.  We head off to Scotland on Thursday, stopping en route to visit my seriously poorly godmother who is sadly dying with cancer.  We shall then just go where the mood takes us until we meet up with friends in Arto, on the west coast for a couple of days.We have steam train journeys planned and wanders around little villages as we travel from one side of the coast to the other.  

Whilst we give ourselves four weeks it is not set in concrete.  There will be warfarin clinics to fit in whilst travelling and of course see how I go with my health.  I seem to be doing ok except for my blessed neck.  Once again it has "gone" and is incredibly painful due to my needing an op on my fifth and sixth vertebrae.  but of course this cannot be done due to my ph so pain injections are the order of the day.  I am hoping somebody cancels today or tomorrow and I can take their place.  I have spoken to the secretary and all is in her hands.

We have not done much this week so this could possibly be the most boring blog ever.  I have been catching up with the journal I do for Izzy as this has not been updated for a few weeks.  I do write a few notes so I don't forget so it is easy to tell her  all we have done together.  

I did have a call from a potential denervation patient who wanted to talk to somebody who had had the procedure as they were considering whether or not to go ahead with it.  All I could do is say how it was for me, and how I feel I have improved since this was done.  After a lengthy talk they decided they would, if all tests showed their eligibility,  go ahead with it.  I hope their improvement goes down the same path as mine.

Saturday was a lovely day and we did do something nice instead of preparing for four weeks away.  We decided to head off to Hebden Bridge, just around seven miles away and park the car.  After a trundle around the town which is always lovely and even more so as they were having lots of activities around we moved down the bridge by the river  to see what other delights were going on.    In the square they had the "mummers" performing and this always attracts a lot of attention.  Just down the square a little was a man playing a guitar, and very good he was too.  As we had decided to follow the Calderdale Way to Gibson Mill at Hardcastle Crags there was no hanging around for us.

Off we went past the "thingameejig theatre"  Yes this really is the name.  It always brings a smile to my face and I think of my mom and dad.  This was one word used often in our house.  Mom would see dad rummaging around in drawers or cupboards and ask him what he was looking for.  His answer was "oh you know the thingameejig"  when mom looked at him puzzled he would say "you know the doo da"  again a look of puzzlement on her face and he would come back with " the whatchamacallit". This dialogue would continue for quite some time.  Of course as he could not remember the name of what he wanted all these words came out instead.  Then when he would say what it was he was trying to do that required the "thingameejig" mom would find the implement he required and peace would descend once more whilst mom put back things in their correct paces after his rummage.  

Onwards to the Calderdale Way which takes us along the path of the river with its tumbling water sending gentle sprays out to those getting too near.  Dogs were playing alongside children cooling themselves down in the heat of the sun.  As we continued past there were lovely hedgerows and we could hear lots of activity beyond it.  We took a peek and was surprised to see that there was some kind of gala being held here.  ahead of us we could hear and see Punch and Judy just getting into the part of the story where the dog took the sausages.  Children were howling  with laughter and I remembered taking mine to see this show when they were young.  I believe the part where the policeman uses his truncheon for physical assault has been stopped due to EU regulations.  Madness! 

So on we continued and when we saw the bowling green and we also could hear the sound of the croquet mallets hitting the balls on the croquet lawn we once again took a peek.  This time we encountered a lady wearing a pinny, apron to those that do not understand the Yorkshire idiom, and we were invited to partake of a cup  of tea and a piece of cake.  Way too early for us so we declined and continued.  The Calderdale Way is beautiful and sheltered us from the heat of the sun.  The tree lined route stretched away before us with the sun sending its rays through the branches dappling all in front of us. The smells coming from the hedgerows was so lovely and earthy.  On we went until we came to a gate where we saw this plaque on it .................... I have not bothered to google the dog who was lost here or how he was lost but I may do sometime.  Over yet another  bridge and onwards past The Blue Pig public house at Midgehole, what a lovely word I think,  sitting in a quiet spot with just three cottages nestled alongside of it.  

We continued up through Hebden Hay until we reached the cafe at Gibson Mill.  There we shared a table with a gentleman and his companion.  It turned out he lived quite close to us, just the opposite side of the park we live by.  He was talking with such affection about all he had been showing his companion who was over fro Canada for a visit.  His last words before we went our separate ways was that we were fortunate to live in a hidden gem.  He is right, we really are.  

Sadly time to return home again and we wended our way back exactly the same way we had come.  Back in the Square I noticed they have opened up a tiny shop selling earthenware pots.  I could not resist taking a look as my cleaner had by accident knocked and broken the lid of my onion pot.  Maybe I could find a new one.  Nothing was here though to match the one we had bought in Spain which is actually in the shape of an onion and it has a face on it weeping!  The lid was the top of the onion head.  Colin has repaired it and it will do for now but I would love a new one.  

On the way home we called at Chris and Danielle's place as they were away for the day and we knew the cat was home alone.  Now I am not a cat lover though my other half is.  Even I though was shocked by the affection I have for this little bundle of fluff.  She moves so quickly though I am always scared she will get squashed under feet.  she is a house cat and is very affectionate and loves to play.  After a while we left her to her own devices whilst she waited for her family to arrive back for more cuddles. Home for us and a well earned rest.  

Anyway all my things are now ready for the holiday except for completing my boxes of meds.  I cannot do that until I get my INR results tomorrow.   I now have time out so I can go and enjoy watching Izzy swimming tonight at the baths.  She loves the deep water but of course in her lessons the water is not so deep.  Grandad takes her playing for half an hour before the lesson and she is straight into the deep playing and diving down to collect things he throws to the bottom.  Her mom will be surprised when they go on holiday this time as she has improved so much.

So away I go, no blogs for a while but I will try to keep up with all that is happening in dribs and drabs.  Go well everyone.  Again thanks for reading and the likes and shares.  

Warm love to you all

Carole xxx

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